Saint Elmo Homes

The St. Elmo Historic District, situated in the southernmost part of Hamilton County, is easily one of the most charming areas of Chattanooga. It is situated at the foot of Lookout Mountain between two ancient Indian trails. First occupied by Native American hunter and gatherers, the town is one of Chattanooga's oldest suburbs. However, a revitalization of the community has begun. Residents are restoring historic houses to their original elegance, and local businesses are thriving. St. Elmo Community launched a plan in 2001 to establish a vision for the community: "The goal for St. Elmo community is to create and maintain a vibrant neighborhood in which residents of different ages as well as various racial, social, and economic backgrounds can live together in harmony, appreciating and enjoying each other's differences as well as commonalities." This vision is seen throughout the town each time it is visited. The town has coffee shops, ice cream, five-star restaurants, grocery stores, and boutique-style shops. Two restaurants of The St. Elmo Area made an appearance on The Food Channel, The Purple Daisy Cafe, and a breakfast spot, Syrup and Eggs. If you have not checked out this quaint, friendly town - you may just fall in love when you do. Home Sweet Home!